Monthly Archives: November 2014

Thanksgiving already?

Wow!  I find myself asking where the time has gone more and more often lately.  I think  it has to do with the hours I’m spending in frustration trying to figure out how the #”$/# to write this blog and add media and on and on.  I just get one thing down and five more things pop up.  I think I understand one click…or two clicks…and where did this blankety-blank page come from?  The ether.  My husband has no patience for my learning curve problems.  My son just smiles and reminisces about his frustrations in class on his way to an IT degree.  I’m lucky to have his help.  I’m thankful!

Again, where is the time going so fast?  We went to see “Interstellar”, the movie with Matthew McConaughey.  So…I’ve decided that time is definitely slipping through the cracks between dimensions.  That has to be it.  Otherwise, Thanksgiving wouldn’t already be here.

Thanksgiving always brings so many holiday memories.  One tradition that is bittersweet this year is making cranberry sauce.  Roberta, my mother-in-law, started this one.  She made the prettiest cranberry sauce by adding blanched whole almonds.  Those almonds look like jewels in the ruby red sauce…just beautiful! IMG_0211[1] She passed away this year.  She was 94 years old.  Last Thanksgiving, she beat a homemade drum to accompany her boyfriend, Hugh’s, harmonica.  They entertained us all weekend with such beautiful music.

Yup, this year has just raced by…and yes, it is Thanksgiving already!