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Live With An Open Heart

Have you noticed that when you become aware of an idea that hits a nerve at a particular moment, you find that idea popping into your thoughts often?  And….. it seems the universe draws information to you that expands on it?  It’s like driving down the freeway and every other billboard has the same message for you, some right in your face and some very subtle so that it takes some time before you realize what you’ve just taken in.

I’ve been thinking so much lately about being vulnerable.

I was flipping through Instyle Magazine and saw a quote attributed to Jessica Chastain that caused me to stop and think.  She said, “You have to live with an open heart all the time–that’s how you’re going to have connections with people.”

Is that even possible?  To live with an open heart all the time.

I think of “being open” as being open to new ideas, new perspectives.  That seems like a brain function…..not a heart function.  Although there is a brain-heart connection.  The brain cannot live without the blood the heart sends to it.  I’m no scientist; but, it seems to me that our thoughts, our emotions and our imaginations are all intertwined.


Britta Wetteskind shared this on facebook.  I love it.  Try this heart opening exercise:  “Imagine that there is a light in your upper chest near your heart, growing brighter and brighter, radiating.  Breathe slowly and deeply, filling your lungs with air.  Now let the light have a nice steady glow, like the glow you see from a candle, only much larger.  Let it become more radiant and begin to surround your whole body.  That’s it, the sensation you’re getting in your chest is all right, that is your heart opening.  Now imagine sending a beam from this glowing area to someone or something you want to share love with.  There you go, that’s love.”

These thoughts may seem a bit disconnected to you;  but, the message I received and the message I share with you is that being vulnerable…..or… with an open heart, will allow our thoughts, emotions and imagination to enable us to experience happiness.  Think about it.

The Yellow Rose

Several days before Thanksgiving, I bought some beautiful yellow roses to use as centerpieces on the table.  It took a couple of days for them to unfold.  Slowly they made their way from compact buds to full flower.  I kept taking pictures of them, moving them around in the sunlight.  With each move, the light bounced around and kissed the petals in a new way and cast intriguing shadows.  Wow!  They were inspiring!

Since I’ve started blogging, I’m taking a lot more pictures…..of everything.  It’s as if I’ve got to somehow document everything I’m doing.  At first, when I noticed this, I thought it would wear off or at least slow down.  But not so far.  In this case, I’m glad I did.  It’s fun, for me, to see how The Yellow Rose progressed.

1152015 paintings 001 1152015 paintings 019 1152015 paintings 020rose and blogosphere 002

This is the finished The Yellow Rose.  January 22, 2015. Watercolor 22″x30″

final rose 003

I often wonder just what it is about a subject that inspires the artist, the writer, the sculptor, or the inventor.  I’ve had friends tell me that an idea “struck” suddenly…..out of the blue so to speak.  We use so many phrases like let’s brain storm to come up with an idea.  You know, blue meaning sky, ether; storm…, electricity, lightning, thoughts.  Then there’s the whole light thing.  It’s light and lack of light that defines shapes and how we see them.

Actually, what we need to fully investigate these deep thoughts and musings is a glass of wine and a few philosophical friends.  Probably a Pinot Noir.



I’ve talked about how much I love chickens, eggs and flowers.  Then there are the roosters.  What is more majestic?  They strut.  They crow.  They’re flashy.  How can they be otherwise.  They’re feathers have an iridescent quality and they’re so dramatic.  This quilt is named “Brainiac:  He’s So Bright!”

roses and quilts 012

This one is “Himself”  He is so self important.  Not just because he’s won awards but because he rules the roost.  Everyone knows it.  Well, everyone who’s lived with a rooster.roses and quilts 008

Quilts – Chickens And Eggs

In the summer, chickens are at their best when they get to wander around in the yard. They peck around among the flowers and sometimes lay eggs there too!  Their clucks are very appealing.  The way they shake and ruffle up their feathers is so much fun.  I even love the way they separate into their own paths and then suddenly converge on each other and fuss… kids in the school yard.

I love themes with chickens, roosters, eggs and flowers.  I can’t resist popping them into a quilt or painting.  The chicken gathering her own bouquet (above) is in the center of this quilt and the four corners have these little egg-lilly vignettes.

These two (above) are also gathering flowers.  They have totally different taste though, as you can see.   There is a magnetic quality, in my opinion, in flowers and eggs.  They’re both fragile but contain inestimable power.  They’re both mystical. They both feed the soul.


Join The Blogosphere!

Have you been thinking about blogging?  Do you have ideas you’d like to share?
Do you have talents you’d like to develop by joining a community of like-minded people. Blogging is a great way to express your ideas and talents. And…’s a great way to get feed back from others.

If you said yes, then get going.  What are you waiting for?  If you’re tech savvy, jump in.  If, like me, you have no idea how to start, then google “how to start a blog”.  I was guided to for my domain name and from there to for my blog site. They both charge a small fee.  They’re both easy to use and  enormously helpful.

The domain name, the name of my site, was a hurtle for me.  But, gradually, I realized that I’m so often in the fry zone (trying to learn something new and it fries my brain), or the worry zone, or the creative zone (where I get lost in some right brain pursuit), or sometimes just “zoned out”.   So here I am in my own little zone:  Sherrie Zone.    Give a lot of thought to your blog name.

You may have an idea of what you’d like to write about but think no one would be interested.   Holy Cow,  there are about 7,000,000,000,000 people on this planet and over 2,000,000,000,000 use the internet. (That’s billions…..did you register that?). The people interested in what you have to say will probably number in the millions.

My advice is talk like you’re telling your best friend what you have to say. Don’t worry about grammar.  I mean try your best,  but don’t sweat over grammar,  just do your best to communicate.   And….use your own vocabulary…..don’t try to sound like someone smarter than you are… authentic!  (That’s a phrase we’re hearing everywhere these days).

Give enough explanation so that you’re sure you’ve made your point.  Give enough description so that your reader gets a mental picture.

There are people in big cities, small rural towns and on isolated islands that are having similar challenges, similar feelings and some may  even offer you information you need to have greater insight into your own life and business.  I am constantly amazed at the people who are willing to help.

I recently became aware of a great blog:    I like it so much because it’s obvious Adiel is sharing her passion with us.  And…’s obvious she’s having fun doing it!  She has a feature:  Shop My Closet.  It’s so much fun to check out all of her fashion picks.  She works for Poshmark.  Check them out too!  That’s Adiel 2nd from the right.

121814_style challenge_blanket scarves (1) (1)

Another blog I enjoy is  Michelle shares thoughts that have me regularly saying “AMEN”.   She shares her life…..warts and all.  She doesn’t shy away from the ugly or the problematic.  And, she shares  insights and coping mechanisms that can benefit all of us.  I check in with her every day.  On Sundays, she serves up Michelle Church.  It’s worth attending.

When I was encouraged to blog, I was told just start with a thought for the day….everyday.  I’ve discovered that is such good advice because just starting is the key.  Once you start and begin to get comfortable with the mechanics, the experiences and ideas you’ll have just keep coming and you’ll get more and more excited to share them.  Come on,  join the blogosphere!