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Analyzing My Evolution


I enjoy blogging.   I enjoy writing about things that interest me.  I find that the more I think about a subject, the more interested I become.

This world is full of fascinating things, people and ideas.   Once I get an idea, I’m like a dog with a bone.  I don’t want to let it go.  I talk about it.  I write in my journal about it.   I google it.  Once I goggle several aspects of it, it expands. I see references to it everywhere.  How or why does that happen?   ???   I just does.  It’s a fact.  It’s the Law of Attraction at work.

Then these ideas seem to dovetail over time with each other.  It’s a natural evolution.  I just sit back and watch them expand.  And not just expand, but deepen, become richer and more meaningful.  Life is just like that.  Everywhere around me I see beauty and fascinating  life.  I’m surrounded by a beautiful dance…..It’s a dance, a do-si-do of people and animals, nature , weather, constant movement.  The music we move to is always changing, the rhythm, the beat, is exciting and compelling or relaxing and soothing…..always changing.

I went to Disneyland, California Adventure, Universal Studios on one of those park hopping passes with my family.  About the third day, don’t even ask me which park it was…..it’s all a blurr, I was pushing a stroller with two grandkids through a maze, a mass of fun-loving families, and two people suddenly cut diagonally across in front of me.  I jerked back on the stroller to avoid clipping off their ankles.  They were totally unaware of the danger they had dodged.  And…..a man with a stroller coming from the opposite direction also jerked to a stop to avoid a head on collision with them.  Ours eyes met, registered the situation, and we burst out laughing at the same time.  He said, “It’s a dance”, as we passed by each other.  At that moment, I felt at one with the world.  Happy and satisfied.  It is a dance.

That’s the way I paint.  Moving to an unseen cadence that carries with it moods, emotions, feelings.  I love my life.  I love the time I spend painting.  I love seeing the way I feel splashed down on paper.  Sometimes it’s quick, sloppy movements, sometimes it’s careful, deliberate strokes.  I can look over a painting several inches at a time…..a finished painting and feel the emotions and interest with which I laid down the paint.

I live my life the way I paint.  Sometimes I slap-dash.  Sometimes I’m more deliberate.  It’s all in my mood.Sometimes activities require more attention to detail.  Sometimes I’m trying to  figure something out.  Other times I’ve set an intention beforehand and am more or less acting by instinct, moment by moment, letting feelings and emotions carry me.

I’m coming to realize:  It’s all good!  I’m coming to accept I’m doing the best I can with what I know.  And that’s okay.  It’s enough!  What I know keeps expanding and through that process, I realize I’m appreciating more.  I’m appreciating the inspired moments; and, I’m appreciating the downtime, the contemplative moments.  They all combine to form the dance of my life, the rhythm and joy of my life!  Can it be any better than this?

Join The Blogosphere!

Have you been thinking about blogging?  Do you have ideas you’d like to share?
Do you have talents you’d like to develop by joining a community of like-minded people. Blogging is a great way to express your ideas and talents. And…..it’s a great way to get feed back from others.

If you said yes, then get going.  What are you waiting for?  If you’re tech savvy, jump in.  If, like me, you have no idea how to start, then google “how to start a blog”.  I was guided to godaddy.com for my domain name and from there to wordpress.com for my blog site. They both charge a small fee.  They’re both easy to use and  enormously helpful.

The domain name, the name of my site, was a hurtle for me.  But, gradually, I realized that I’m so often in the fry zone (trying to learn something new and it fries my brain), or the worry zone, or the creative zone (where I get lost in some right brain pursuit), or sometimes just “zoned out”.   So here I am in my own little zone:  Sherrie Zone.    Give a lot of thought to your blog name.

You may have an idea of what you’d like to write about but think no one would be interested.   Holy Cow,  there are about 7,000,000,000,000 people on this planet and over 2,000,000,000,000 use the internet. (That’s billions…..did you register that?). The people interested in what you have to say will probably number in the millions.

My advice is talk like you’re telling your best friend what you have to say. Don’t worry about grammar.  I mean try your best,  but don’t sweat over grammar,  just do your best to communicate.   And….use your own vocabulary…..don’t try to sound like someone smarter than you are…..be authentic!  (That’s a phrase we’re hearing everywhere these days).

Give enough explanation so that you’re sure you’ve made your point.  Give enough description so that your reader gets a mental picture.

There are people in big cities, small rural towns and on isolated islands that are having similar challenges, similar feelings and some may  even offer you information you need to have greater insight into your own life and business.  I am constantly amazed at the people who are willing to help.

I recently became aware of a great blog:  itsbecauseithinktoomuch.com.    I like it so much because it’s obvious Adiel is sharing her passion with us.  And…..it’s obvious she’s having fun doing it!  She has a feature:  Shop My Closet.  It’s so much fun to check out all of her fashion picks.  She works for Poshmark.  Check them out too!  That’s Adiel 2nd from the right.

121814_style challenge_blanket scarves (1) (1)

Another blog I enjoy is michelleatplay.com.  Michelle shares thoughts that have me regularly saying “AMEN”.   She shares her life…..warts and all.  She doesn’t shy away from the ugly or the problematic.  And, she shares  insights and coping mechanisms that can benefit all of us.  I check in with her every day.  On Sundays, she serves up Michelle Church.  It’s worth attending.

When I was encouraged to blog, I was told just start with a thought for the day….everyday.  I’ve discovered that is such good advice because just starting is the key.  Once you start and begin to get comfortable with the mechanics, the experiences and ideas you’ll have just keep coming and you’ll get more and more excited to share them.  Come on,  join the blogosphere!