Monthly Archives: June 2015

Happy Life

Have you ever been with someone who’s happy most of the time?  The only person that meets that criteria in my life just turned one year old.  She’s like a puppy and wriggles and giggles when she sees me until I just have to pick her up.  When I put her down, she giggles at someone else.  She’s just intrinsically happy.

There are others who are happy a lot of the time and I have noticed a few things about them that are interesting.

They have a passion and think about it all of the time.   In some cases, they are mothers and are thriving on being with their children.   In others,  they are in love with their occupations.  One is a student.  Another is an entrepreneur.  They seem to get so much enjoyment out of what they’re doing that they often hum, sometimes sing and occasionally  dance about in a light hearted sort of way.  They  all smile a lot.  They are all very independent and fun to be around.

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So, my question is:  “Do these people live in an alternate reality?”  Or…..have they just developed habits that let them see life through rose colored glasses?   Have they decided not to give the petty little issues in daily life any attention?  It does make sense that it you don’t spend time on things that make you feel bad, you’ll have more time to focus on the things that make you happy.

Or…..could it be that happiness is a multi-dimensional word meaning a state-of- being, an emotion and a goal?  It’s a subject worth a little thought, you think?