About Me

I am a painter and blogger.  I share my paintings, quilts, deep thoughts and musings, my awe of nature and recipes on my blog.  I’ve been painting watercolors and designing t-shirts for 28 years and blogging since the October  2014  CEO Conference at Lake Las Vegas.

me, roses 018

I am so often in the fry zone (trying to learn something new and it fries my brain), the happy zone, or the creative zone (where I get lost in some right brain pursuit) or sometimes I just get zoned out.  The appreciation zone is my favorite!  It feels so good.  Sometimes the lines between zones are blurred.  That’s what I call my  SherrieZone.

Lately, I’m so into skulls.  It happened so innocently.  Like not being able to eat only one piece of chocolate; evidently, painting one skull begs another.  One interpretation suggests another.  And, so, I’m in the middle of painting my sixth.  It’s so much fun!!!

Contact me:  email:  [email protected]