Monthly Archives: July 2015

The Game Of Life

If you believe The Beatles, in time, you can learn how to play the game… time you can learn how to be you.  Do you need a coach, a mentor?  Do you need intelligence, beauty or hard work?  No!  They might be helpful; but, they’re not necessities.  All you need is LOVE! That is…..if you believe The Beatles.

The kids in my life are always wanting to play a game.  They have a wonderful talent.  They live in the now.   Mostly, they want to hide and wait, heart pounding, to be found…..because it’s exciting and fun!  When we run around around the house and hide in closets, we are so focused on finding a good hiding place, quieting our breathing and patiently waiting, there is no other reality.

Then as quickly as the hide and seek game was organized, it’s over.   On to another game, something different, perhaps making a tent in the living room or doing cartwheels on the lawn.

I think The Beatles are on to something.  I want to learn how to play the game.  I want to learn how to be me.  I want to have fun, be playful, lighten up, laugh a lot and giggle more. This sounds like one of those things that are simple but not easy.   It will probably take a lot of practice to get good at it; but, I’m willing to put in the time.  And like I love to say “Practice Makes Automatic”.