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Keeping Up With My Own Evolution: Decisions

Letter to my 15 year old self:  Dear Sherrie

You are loved and appreciated and adored!  The Powers of the Universe are focused right on you, loving you, appreciating you and adoring you.  They are always with you and you are never alone.  Do not give any thought to what others around you say to you or about you unless their words feel good to you.  Think and do only what feels good.  Dance when you feel like dancing.  Sing when you feel like singing.  That’s expressing joy and you are a joyful being.

Whenever you have a decision to make, ask yourself “how do I feel?”  If  you feel stressed, worried or scared, do not make the decision yet, it will be a bad one.  Focus on something that makes you feel good;  for instance, appreciate the people around you who love you or the beauty of your surroundings.  Wait until you feel good and are happy…..that’s the time to make that decision, it will be a good one.

If you choose the green cupcake over the pink one, eat the green cupcake and lick your lips and fingers and appreciate every bite.  If you choose to be a scientist over a chef, go with your decision with all of your heart. Be decisive!  That won’t be your last decision and it certainly won’t be cast in stone.  Choices will keep coming.  How fun!  There will be plenty of decisions to be made in the future.

Let life take you in the direction of what you want with each decision you make one at a time.  There’s no rush.  There’s plenty of time.  I love you and appreciate you and adore you.  Sherrie

This Is Physics

In looking for the source of an Einstein quote, I happened on a great site:  The Quote Investigator.  Someone else looking for the source of the same quote asked them about it and they used their sophisticated programs to do the research.

It turned out that they couldn’t link it to Einstein but in the process brought to my attention another choice quote:  “It followed from the special theory of relativity that mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing — a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind.”  An Einstein quote from the 1948 film “Atomic Physics” [AEAP]

The quote I wanted validated  by Einstein was:  “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy. This is physics.”  I found it all over the internet in different forms.


The Quote Investigator attributed it to Darryl Anka starting about the year 2000.   As I look at the picture above with the quote superimposed over the face of Einstein, it seems to carry more credibility…..more weight, than the unfamiliar name Darryl Anka.  Afterall, I’ve heard about the genius Einstein all of my life.

I’m pleased to have found both quotes; they’re not incompatible in my mind.  They are both thought provoking and, of course, truth is truth wherever it is found.

And so…..do you want your your life to be full of joy and happiness?  (That seems to my focus lately.)  Then match the frequency of happy.  How do you do that?  Observe what makes you feel happy and do that.  Observe what makes you unhappy and don’t do that.  Using this process, over time, you will feel your happiness grow.  Way too simplistic?  Yes!  But, I believe it.

Another thing I’m convinced of is that “Joy and happiness come with being interested in life…..interested in people…..interested in learning, focusing on and being absorbed in things that fascinate you and make you feel good.”  And…..you can quote me!

Rendezvous Of Perfection

I’ve been thinking about perfection…..striving for it…..but, not believing in it.  I’ve had a lifetime of thinking:  “this will be the perfect Christmas”, or “all I have to do is work harder and ‘this’ will be perfect.  Things usually turn out to be lovely, but flawed in this way or that.  Perfection always lies in perception, right?  Life always enters into the mix.

Occasionally I sit back and relax, look around and soak in what feels like to me….. perfection.  Sometimes it’s for just a moment and then the moment passes and it’s gone.  Other times is lasts a while…..like when the sun is setting and the air is sweet and all of my senses are alive with deliciousness.  Or…..walking on the beach, listening to the water and feeling it as is swirls around my feet.  Or…..looking out over snowcapped mountains, breathing in the bracingly cold air and rejoicing in the sparkling reflections of the sun on all of that pristine white.  Or…..sitting around with others talking, laughing and having fun.

Sometimes the perfection is in the combination of people that I’m with; ofttimes, it’s found in the beauty of my surroundings.  But, always, it’s a commingling of sights, sounds, smells and feelings.

I’ve come to believe that you can plan for these rendezvous of perfection, but don’t bet your shirt on the outcome.  Perfection is  serendipitous.  It’s as if Perfection is a Queen who deems Herself to be created or not.

So…..my New Year’s Resolution 2016 is:  I will strive for happiness and let Perfection dance about and present Herself when She chooses.    And when She does, I will recognized Her and revel in Her and express my appreciation for Her!

Dec 31 2015 II 002



Happy Life

Have you ever been with someone who’s happy most of the time?  The only person that meets that criteria in my life just turned one year old.  She’s like a puppy and wriggles and giggles when she sees me until I just have to pick her up.  When I put her down, she giggles at someone else.  She’s just intrinsically happy.

There are others who are happy a lot of the time and I have noticed a few things about them that are interesting.

They have a passion and think about it all of the time.   In some cases, they are mothers and are thriving on being with their children.   In others,  they are in love with their occupations.  One is a student.  Another is an entrepreneur.  They seem to get so much enjoyment out of what they’re doing that they often hum, sometimes sing and occasionally  dance about in a light hearted sort of way.  They  all smile a lot.  They are all very independent and fun to be around.

images (2)

So, my question is:  “Do these people live in an alternate reality?”  Or…..have they just developed habits that let them see life through rose colored glasses?   Have they decided not to give the petty little issues in daily life any attention?  It does make sense that it you don’t spend time on things that make you feel bad, you’ll have more time to focus on the things that make you happy.

Or…..could it be that happiness is a multi-dimensional word meaning a state-of- being, an emotion and a goal?  It’s a subject worth a little thought, you think?

Your Greatest Happiness


Are you happy?  What makes you happy?  What stands in the way of your happiness?  Who have you assigned to be responsible for your happiness?  I often repeat the trite phrase that we all say lately…..”I am responsible for my own happiness”.  But, often, when things don’t go my way, I find myself blaming others for the way I don’t adapt and put my own priorities first.

I recently decided to get to the bottom of these questions in my own life.  Once I decided what makes me happy (not an easy task, it took some thinking), I realized what makes me happy is not what I spend most of my time doing.  Why is that?

I decided to make a list of the things I do each day and then start at the top and ask myself why I was doing “that” instead of what makes me happy.

I asked myself how many of these things are taking me where I want to go?  This is an interesting exercise.  You might want to try it and see how many things you do because you really want to and how many are because others want you to.  I’m not talking about exercising, paying bills or helping a family member or a neighbor.  Those are things I do that are in my own self interest.  They enrich my life.

I decided to get out my machete and whack away.  If the item on the list didn’t contribute to the health of my body, the health of my relationships or my goal toward happiness (for me that meant my time for painting and reading) then it was assigned to someone willing to take it on or whacked off my list.  Whoa…..that sounds harsh!

images (7)

Do you love music?  Do you play an instrument and lose track of time when you’re playing it?  Do you love to write, dance, sing, paint, work with wood, pole vault or solve equations? Do you love to use your mind/body to create harmony, beauty and interest in your own life for your own pleasure, your own happiness?  I’m beginning to think that all we need to do is define what we love to do and make what we love to do a top priority.

Live With An Open Heart

Have you noticed that when you become aware of an idea that hits a nerve at a particular moment, you find that idea popping into your thoughts often?  And….. it seems the universe draws information to you that expands on it?  It’s like driving down the freeway and every other billboard has the same message for you, some right in your face and some very subtle so that it takes some time before you realize what you’ve just taken in.

I’ve been thinking so much lately about being vulnerable.

I was flipping through Instyle Magazine and saw a quote attributed to Jessica Chastain that caused me to stop and think.  She said, “You have to live with an open heart all the time–that’s how you’re going to have connections with people.”

Is that even possible?  To live with an open heart all the time.

I think of “being open” as being open to new ideas, new perspectives.  That seems like a brain function…..not a heart function.  Although there is a brain-heart connection.  The brain cannot live without the blood the heart sends to it.  I’m no scientist; but, it seems to me that our thoughts, our emotions and our imaginations are all intertwined.


Britta Wetteskind shared this on facebook.  I love it.  Try this heart opening exercise:  “Imagine that there is a light in your upper chest near your heart, growing brighter and brighter, radiating.  Breathe slowly and deeply, filling your lungs with air.  Now let the light have a nice steady glow, like the glow you see from a candle, only much larger.  Let it become more radiant and begin to surround your whole body.  That’s it, the sensation you’re getting in your chest is all right, that is your heart opening.  Now imagine sending a beam from this glowing area to someone or something you want to share love with.  There you go, that’s love.”

These thoughts may seem a bit disconnected to you;  but, the message I received and the message I share with you is that being vulnerable…..or…..living with an open heart, will allow our thoughts, emotions and imagination to enable us to experience happiness.  Think about it.