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This Is Physics

In looking for the source of an Einstein quote, I happened on a great site:  The Quote Investigator.  Someone else looking for the source of the same quote asked them about it and they used their sophisticated programs to do the research.

It turned out that they couldn’t link it to Einstein but in the process brought to my attention another choice quote:  “It followed from the special theory of relativity that mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing — a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind.”  An Einstein quote from the 1948 film “Atomic Physics” [AEAP]

The quote I wanted validated  by Einstein was:  “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy. This is physics.”  I found it all over the internet in different forms.


The Quote Investigator attributed it to Darryl Anka starting about the year 2000.   As I look at the picture above with the quote superimposed over the face of Einstein, it seems to carry more credibility…..more weight, than the unfamiliar name Darryl Anka.  Afterall, I’ve heard about the genius Einstein all of my life.

I’m pleased to have found both quotes; they’re not incompatible in my mind.  They are both thought provoking and, of course, truth is truth wherever it is found.

And so…..do you want your your life to be full of joy and happiness?  (That seems to my focus lately.)  Then match the frequency of happy.  How do you do that?  Observe what makes you feel happy and do that.  Observe what makes you unhappy and don’t do that.  Using this process, over time, you will feel your happiness grow.  Way too simplistic?  Yes!  But, I believe it.

Another thing I’m convinced of is that “Joy and happiness come with being interested in life…..interested in people…..interested in learning, focusing on and being absorbed in things that fascinate you and make you feel good.”  And…..you can quote me!

The Intuitive Mind

A friend of mine recently SHOUTED gently in my ear that the basis of his reality was intuition, love, joy, creativity and accomplishment…..and added that these five elements should also be the foundation upon which I create my own reality. The impact I felt was not because of  volume but resonance.

As we discussed what reality/our own personal lives are, I became more and more aware that the principles I espouse or maybe it would be better said, the principles to which I give lip service, are not really the principles by which I live.

Exposed!  Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic.  Because, I face that dichotomy at the end of every year.  There’s always so much talk about New Year’s Resolutions, it can’t be totally ignored.  So I do give thought to changes I would like to have made in years past and whether I did or didn’t make them.

I noticed right off that critical judgements, gossiping, regretting, fear, hate, jealousy, awfulizing and feeling sorry for myself are not included in those five elements.  My friend suggested that perhaps basing one’s life on a clear foundation of criteria would mean focusing on them, on them alone.  That would also mean sorting and eliminating everything else.  And…..so there we are…..that would mean I would have to control my thoughts.


A few months ago, I was introduced to meditating.  I was resistant at first because my mind was so full of clutter.  Random thoughts seem to pop in and out so quickly and meditating makes me so much more aware of them.  But, gradually my whole nervous system began to cooperate.  Like everything, I guess, “practice makes automatic!”

I think the benefit of meditating is that it’s calming and quieting and in that state I can listen.  When I listen, I can even hear myself.

So what I’ve learned and what I’m sharing with you is that paying attention to my own intuition leads to love, joy, creativity and accomplishment.  Intuition is like a trail head.  It’s a starting point that leads down paths of love, happiness and fulfillment.  Wow!  It’s amazing to me that one conversation can cause such a life altering light bulb moment.  I’m so thankful for friends.