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Keeping Up With My Own Evolution: Symbols

Symbols are everywhere around us.  Architects and artisans decorate their creations with them.  Some are simple, some are complex.  Look a child’s drawing and you will see a sun, a house, a tree, a family, etc.  Tour a church or museum and notice a cross, an organ, a pulpit, a relic, painting or sculpture, lion, elephant, cow.  The symbols we see and recognize mean something to us…..good or evil, meaningful or irrelevant…..it’s all in what we believe.

Drive along a highway and we are directed by symbols:  numbers, arrows and icons representing gas stations, restrooms, restaurants and approaching hazards.

We’re all familiar with human icons, perhaps a movie star symbolizing fame and fortune, or an historical figure representing conquest and power, etc.  Today icons have taken on an interesting commercial aspect as well.  Golden Arches…..

And then we have emoticons symbolizing emotions and connections we have with others in social media such as talents, shared interests.  I just saw an episode of The Big Bang Theory in which anger was shown by a downturned mouth on a red “smiley face”.  The color red turned that frown from sad to angry.  I loved it and laughed a lot just looking at it.

I’ve loved the fleur de lis as long as I can remember.  I probably first became aware of it in french class in high school.  It has held an increasing fascination for me as I’ve read about it in historical and religious material. To many, it’s a beautiful decoration, to others it’s an important symbol of light and power bestowed on royalty, and still others believe it representative of the power of the Catholic  Church, the Virgin Mary, the cross.  To others it is imbued with occult power and meanings.

I’ve come to believe that I am the one with the power, not the symbol.  A symbol has the power my belief gives it.

I’ve recently painted a cross that is a powerful symbol for me:  Thee Crosss.  The top of the cross, two horizontal lines of yellow represent the double yellow lines painted down the middle of an asphalt road.  Two vertical lines, representing erosion, natural, universal  forces, run down the center of the painting from top to bottom, crossing the yellow lines through their center.  This symbol reminds me who I am and where I am in the grand scheme of life on this planet.

I love knowing that we are all continually evolving.  It’s wonderful to know that beliefs I hold are subject to change and that with every experience I have, they are changing.  Life is such a magical miracle

Keeping Up With My Own Evolution: Contradiction

Salvador Dali was recently quoted in a fashion magazine.  “You have to systematically create confusion, it sets creativity free.  Everything that is contradictory creates life.”

I’d love to have a conversation with Sal.  I see no benefit to confusion. I prefer in my own life to feel clear, clear about choices, observations and especially clear about my feelings.  I think creativity is unleashed in moments of clarity.  I’m not aware of receiving any brilliant ideas in moments of confusion, only muddied paralysis.

Perhaps my disagreement with him is in assuming that he is equating confusion with contradiction.  Because. in one respect I agree.  In fact, I believe that life is contradiction.  Everything about life is contradictory.  And…..contradiction gives life, fuels life and enriches it.  Contradiction not only breathes energy, enthusiasm and fresh air into life, life cannot, does not, exist without contradiction.

Without contradiction there can be no choice.  I’m a big proponent of choice; so, bring on the contradiction!  Put two dissimilar things side by side and a choice will be made.  But, put two objects that are the same side by side and what is the point?  Bring on the contrast. It’s the contrast that makes life rich, makes a painting readable and debates interesting.

Most likely, if we were to discuss all of this in person, we would come to some kind of agreement.  His quote was taken out of context, after all.  I enjoy his paintings because they are thought provoking.  I can only guess at what point he was trying  to make or…..if in his own individual perception he was just sharing his own personal observations and realizations in a way that would shock the viewer into taking a closer look.

My point:  I want to enjoy contradiction.  I want to listen and question and enjoy without needing to make any kind of a judgement.  Confusion, not so much!

Keeping Up With My Own Evolution: Decisions

Letter to my 15 year old self:  Dear Sherrie

You are loved and appreciated and adored!  The Powers of the Universe are focused right on you, loving you, appreciating you and adoring you.  They are always with you and you are never alone.  Do not give any thought to what others around you say to you or about you unless their words feel good to you.  Think and do only what feels good.  Dance when you feel like dancing.  Sing when you feel like singing.  That’s expressing joy and you are a joyful being.

Whenever you have a decision to make, ask yourself “how do I feel?”  If  you feel stressed, worried or scared, do not make the decision yet, it will be a bad one.  Focus on something that makes you feel good;  for instance, appreciate the people around you who love you or the beauty of your surroundings.  Wait until you feel good and are happy…..that’s the time to make that decision, it will be a good one.

If you choose the green cupcake over the pink one, eat the green cupcake and lick your lips and fingers and appreciate every bite.  If you choose to be a scientist over a chef, go with your decision with all of your heart. Be decisive!  That won’t be your last decision and it certainly won’t be cast in stone.  Choices will keep coming.  How fun!  There will be plenty of decisions to be made in the future.

Let life take you in the direction of what you want with each decision you make one at a time.  There’s no rush.  There’s plenty of time.  I love you and appreciate you and adore you.  Sherrie

Keeping Up With My Own Evolution: Silence

Checking out the new fall TV shows is always fun.  This year, fall 2016, The Good Place is one of the comedies I’m recording. It’s about what life’s like after we die.  How does someone get to go to the good place when the life they lived on earth qualifies them to go to the bad place?  Well…..the myriad of funny situations around this premise make for a lot of fun.  I’m always up for a conversation about good and evil and so I’m enjoying watching and listening to these characters try to sort out their feelings and thoughts on the subject.

I’m especially enjoying the character Jianyu.  He somehow arrived in the good place a drug dealer/dj but was mistaken for a buddhist monk who had taken a vow of silence.  He didn’t correct that assumption by just keeping his mouth shut.  Everyone around him gave him the benefit of the doubt as each new situation arose…..surely, of anyone there, he would take the highest road, think the best thoughts and BE the goodest. With each new situation, he just stood there mute and the others around him voiced the pure, positive expression they expected from him.

I decided this would be an interesting thing for me to try.  I’m so quick to voice my opinions.  Could I keep my mouth shut long enough for those around me to fill in the silence? And if I could, what would they assume I would say?…..ooh…..I shudder to think about it…..but, what an interesting thing to do.

Allowing myself to be silent is presenting me with lots of gifts.  Surprise!  Surprise!  One big one is giving me time to be aware of others emotions rather than their words.  When I’m not thinking about what I’m going to say, I seem to pay more attention to their facial expressions and body language;  I gather more information and low and behold that information is sometimes completely different from what I think I hear in their words.

Another gift I’m realizing gradually is that I feel no pressure to respond…..and in most cases, as others see that I’m not responding, they jump right back in and continue their own conversation.  I can sit back and enjoy myself.  I no longer try to offer sage advice or solutions. The pressure is off!  I like this. This is fun.

As to evolution…..perhaps by listening more and talking less, I can just relax and enjoy others and their differences of opinion. Relaxing and enjoying both sound great…..sort of like being on vacation!

What Is Research?


Generally, research is looking for facts, collecting them, discussing them and coming to conclusions.   I’m not talking about scientific discovery here, just gathering all of the information I can and talking endlessly with my friends and family about it. We talk about it, we think about it and come to lots of conclusions.  It’s a whole lot of fun!

I’m reading a biography of Albert Einstein.  I’m reading about this foremost researcher because I’m doing research on him.  I want to put the many quotes that I love that are attributed to him in context.  He’s quoted as saying “I never said half the crap people said I did.”  So it would be interesting to document where and when these things were said although considering the passage of time and the premise that facts really are just people’s opinions, perhaps I’m chasing the elusive butterfly.  In any event, I intend to have a good time doing it.

I’ve read that he didn’t thrive in school.  Apparently he didn’t even complain about what he saw as a lack of nurturing learning in schools until he was out of school and much older.  When his father asked what vocational training would be best for him, he was told it didn’t matter because he wouldn’t do well no matter what he did.  But, he was curious.  In fact, he said “I have no special talents.  I am only passionately curious.”

images (1)

“I believe in intuition and inspiration. … At times I feel certain I am right while not knowing the reason. When the eclipse of 1919 confirmed my intuition, I was not in the least surprised. In fact, I would have been astonished had it turned out otherwise. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. It is, strictly speaking, a real factor in scientific research.”

This quote is well-documented.  It was first published in the Saturday Evening Post Oct. 26, 1929.  It appears in an interview with George Sylvester Viereck entitled “What Life Means To Einstein.”

I’d like to sit down with Mr. Einstein and ask him to talk about intuition, inspiration, imagination, evolution and expansion.  I get the feeling when I read about him, his attitude about his work and the many quotes attributed to him that he viewed them all as one process wrapped up all together.  And I think he must have had a wonderful sense of humor, not in a way over my head intelligent sort of way, but in a very simple, down-to-earth way.  Anyway, I love those ideas!