Butchart Gardens, Victoria, Canada

On the last stop of our cruise, Victoria, Canada, we took a tour of the Butchart Gardens. What an amazing place.  The acreage was sectioned off into…..outdoor rooms really, furnished with every variety of tree, bush and flower.  The combinations of colors and textures were stunning. Sometimes the progression of the shapes beckoned so enticingly around the next corner or through the next archway opening out into another utterly charming setting.  Wow!  What a rush!


55 acres is a lot of ground to cover so we accepted the offer of a wheelchair at the ticket office.  We were glad we did.  We didn’t want to miss seeing the whole exquisite display. There was the Italian Garden, the French, the Rose, the Mediterranean, the Japanese and the Sunken Garden replete with fountains, streams, ponds and beautiful winding walkways.  We took turns pushing each other, oohing and aahing at the colors and textures, all over the place.  Yes, It was so much fun!

The Japanese Garden was captivating.  The paths wound around and intertwined with each other forming vignettes with statues, benches and bridges.  Every setting was so inviting, I had to sit and admire to take in as much as possible.  It was sensory overload. The raindrops glistening on everything created a sparkling wonderland.

We sat, rested (55 acres is huge), ate gelato and savored the moment.  Happy Anniversary to us!