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My Teaching Credo

I. The most important skill an artist can acquire is how to see.

The easiest way to begin to see is to be alone, very quiet, and just observe the world around you. Don’t tell anyone else what you see. Just look and enjoy it for yourself.

When you see something interesting, begin to draw it in your mind. Notice the lines and the spaces between the lines. Notice the colors.

Ask yourself…..what is it that is so interesting to me. Now pick up a pencil. Write it down. Also write down what it feels like, this feeling of interest in this subject or object.

II. The second most important skill an artist can acquire is belief in yourself and your own ability.

You are one of a kind. You are so unique that no one else thinks, moves, sees or loves the way you do. So don’t expect anyone else to be interested in what you are interested in. Don’t expect anyone else to see what you see. And, mostly, don’t expect anyone else to love your creations the way you love them. Allow others to have their own opinions about your art. But, know that is all it is…..their opinion. Their opinion has nothing to do with you.

Follow your passion. Love your life and your art.

III. The third most important skill an artist can acquire is recognizing your emotions, your feelings. Let your feelings be your guide.

When you feel good about or feel intense interest in a subject, object, shape, color or line, go with it. Your emotion will shine through your art.  When you are excited about an idea, fascinated with a color, absorbed in ……..you are connected with your inner voice.  You can be sure of this because it feels so good.  It is you telling you that this is you…..if feels great.

Once you have a good foundation in these three skills, go ahead, focus on the established rules of good art…..your composition, color theory, etc. so that you can successfully smash them to smithereens.